Dr Kishan Rees

Dr Kishan Rees is currently a clinical teaching fellow and reading for a Masters in Medical Education at The University of Nottingham. He has always had a keen interest in training medical students, something highlighted throughout his training.

Founded by Dr Kishan Rees, clinical teaching fellow, WatMed educational is a free collaborative resource ‘hub’ for students and potential doctors on their journey to and through medical school.

WatMed educational works closely in conjunction with ‘Prepare4FY1’ which offers training and further educational resources for all medical students with a focus on easing the transition for today’s medical students as they become tomorrow’s doctors.

Working in exclusive collaboration with ID Medical School, Dr Rees delivers highly recommended clinical skills workshops to all healthcare professionals to ensure they are readily equipped to practise safely and make crucial decisions within a rapidly
changing NHS workforce.

WatMed educational regularly increases its portfolio of coursework and lectures with CPD accreditation.


  • Up2Speed

    A very good course. It made me realise that many problems are common to most people. It tackles these common problems and tries to resolve them.

  • Clinical

    A fresh form of teaching key skills. The knowledge base of the host is great.