PREPARE4FY1® is WatMed educational’s flagship brand, where learning resources for medical students are housed.The primary focus of all PREPARE4FY1 materials involves aiding today’s medical students in their transition to becoming tomorrow’s doctors. We have a range of resources to achieve this, including a series of clinical examination videos and radiology guides on YouTube as well as a series of Mini-guides, freely available at www.watmed-educational.com/pdf. PREPARE4FY1 hopes to captivate medical students' interest throughout their time at medical school, by providing year-specific educational materials, aiding progression and teaching skills, both clinical and non-clinical, often overlooked in teaching environments.

With the General Medical Council (GMC) expressing an aspiration for a national licensing exam before 2020, medical curricula across institutions are likely to become increasingly similar. Regardless of changes to the written examination, success in high stakes examinations will remain largely dependent on students’ interaction with patients and their examiners. Unique clinical examination and radiology resources, to illustrate this interaction, are also freely available on the ‘PREPARE4FY1’ YouTube channel.

PREPARE4FY1 is also at the cutting edge of medical education promoting Continued Professional Development (CPD) accredited teaching for medical students. The innovative teaching methodology (PBL-SGT)-Fusion, borne out of two years Medical Education Masters research, at the University of Nottingham, forms the basis for delivery of this CPD accredited training. We are currently in the process of drafting a manuscript for submission to Medical Education journals. If you would like to find out more about this teaching please feel free to contact info@watmed-educational.com

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