Prepare4FY1 regional representatives


Venson Pang


Venson is a 1st year medical student studying at The University of Manchester joining as part of the 2015/16 cohort. Venson was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK at the age of 2, living in Kent and moved to Lincolnshire where he completed his A2 studies. He is keeping an open mind regarding his career options although he is interested in surgery and pathology. Having scored one of the highest marks possible on the quantitative reasoning section of the UKCAT, Venson is now working, with PREPARE4FY1®, on a free learning resource for prospective medical students sitting the UKCAT. Outside of medicine his interests are sports such as wakeboarding and music.


Moriah Thomas


Moriah Thomas is a 1st year medical student studying at Cardiff University, starting in the 2015/16 academic year. She’s currently living in Lincoln though is originally from South West Wales and has also studied in Spain. She is interested in pursuing a career in paediatrics. Outside of medicine her interests include Drama and practising her Spanish.


Remi Simpson


Remi is a 1st year medical student at Imperial College London, joining as part of the 2016/17 intake. Remi is from London but started school in Kent, then moved to schools in Grimsby and Caistor, before completing her studies at boarding school in Lincoln. She has a particular interest in surgery and neuroscience, and aspires to become a surgeon. Her other interests include music and studying languages, including French and Spanish. Her interest in these languages is such that she is deferring her medical course to take up the offer of a bursary to further her linguistic skills.


Adam Vaughan


Adam is a 1st year medical student at Newcastle University, starting in the 2015/16 academic year. Never far from a swimming pool Adam is also a lifeguard and competitive swimmer. He is from Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire and studied at QEHS in Gainsborough. Adam is keeping his options open in terms of career specialties, but likes the idea of general practice and paediatrics


Ryan Perkins


Ryan is a 2nd year, Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) student at Swansea University. Ryan is originally from Northampton, but completed his first degree, in Biomedical Sciences, in Cardiff. He has had several roles within the NHS and in the business to healthcare sector. He began reading medicine as part of the 2014/15 intake. Ryan is interested in Surgery, and represents both the surgical and cardiovascular societies at Swansea University. Outside of medicine his interests are rugby, weightlifting and reading.


Fady Anis

Dubai Rep

Fady is a 2nd year medical student at the University of Nottingham. He is an international student, born in Egypt and has lived most of his life in Dubai. As a member of a committee of an academic society and by volunteering to help students, Fady has shown he has a passion for research and also that he works to widen access to the medical world. Fady has an interest in surgery and aspires to, one day, become a surgeon. Fady likes to spend his free time going to the gym, playing rugby and playing the saxophone.


Soha Domany

Nottingham Pre Clinical

Soha is a 2nd year medical student at the University of Nottingham. She grew up in Peterborough and went to school in Stamford. After having the opportunity to help prospective medical students with their interview skills, she is hoping to develop her interest in ‘near to peer’ teaching within her time as a medical student. She is looking forward to continue exploring the different fields that medicine has to offer; in particular acute medicine, as she feels it could offer daily challenges under timed pressure, which would be exciting and rewarding. Regardless of the career path she chooses she hopes medical education will play a major part. In her spare time Soha enjoys going to the gym, playing badminton and travelling.


Ray Diallo

Nottingham Clinical


Jonathan Fox