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WatMed educational’s sister company WatMed media is pleased to release the #JuniorJedi video in partnership with PREPARE4FY1® showing our support for #JuniorDoctors

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02 OCT 2015-

WatMed educational visits Caistor Grammar School for Medical Careers Evening

Dr Kishan Rees, of WatMed educational, was pleased to represent The Lincoln Undergraduate Medical Eduction Department (UMED) on the 2nd October 2015, at the bi-annual careers evening held at Caistor Grammar School. Dr Rees was honoured to be invited and gave two 25 minute talks in the Old Hall, an inspirational setting! A range of […]

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Jul 02-2015

RSM Professionals Foundation Transition Course – 1 August 2015 – London

This event with near-to-peer teaching, delivers the fundamental aspects of working in a demanding acute trauma or district general hospital, and is designed to give ‘doctors-to-be’ the confidence they need for their first day on the ward.

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Jun 22-2015

New ‘Up2Speed™’ course teaches fundamentals of working in the NHS

“At the UMEC we teach medical students from the University of Leicester and the University of Nottingham, and I see the Up2Speed™ course as an extension of the daily work already being done to ensure the students are ready for life as a doctor or nurse,” said Dr Dolling.

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Jul 10-2014

ID Medical launches new and unique educational facility, ID Medical School

“It is often publicised that newly qualified healthcare professionals can sometimes lack the necessary skills and ‘real-life’ experience to deal with complex circumstances.

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Jun 08-2015

Enhancing med school applications with essential work experience

Writing your statement is likely to take far longer than expected; it is best to write everything down, make cuts, edits and rewrite where necessary.

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Feb 20-2015

10 top tips for success: From med student to foundation year doctor

1. Don’t try to be all things to all men A wise old proverb that couldn’t be more truthful for first year medical students…you simply can’t be all things to all people and you can’t do all things all at once. We can sometimes behave this way to help us cope with the many demands […]

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